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Casa Dolce's milk bun bread has become synonymous with some of Melbourne's finest milk buns. We keep the traditions as necessities at our bakery and use milk bun bread recipes handed down from generation to generation. So, if you are searching for freshly baked milk buns, order directly from our wholesale bakery in Melbourne.

Besides, we also feel that food is the basis of genuine happiness. Therefore, we bring soul to our milk bun recipe. Our freshly baked sponge-like milk buns are absorbent and malleable, making us stand out in the market as one of the best milk bun suppliers in Melbourne. As appreciated milk bun wholesalers, we focus on quality over quantity. We are sure you can taste the difference in the milk buns we supply.

The milk buns at our bakery are available to order in bulk. Want to know how to order milk buns from professional milk bun wholesalers in Melbourne? Dig in! Call us on (03) 9589 5596 or send your enquiries to

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