Ordering the Perfect Bun Tips from Casa Dolce’s Bakery Experts



Ordering the Perfect Bun Tips from Casa Dolce’s Bakery Experts

Ordering the Perfect Bun Tips from Casa Dolce’s Bakery Experts

Burgers are one of the most loved fast food in Melbourne, among all backgrounds and ages. Every element of the PERFECT BURGER should be prepared thoughtfully and carefully, including BUNS. Buns are the overlooked dark heroes that can be a strong foundation of a flavorful delicious burger.

A well-balanced, sturdy and soft bun is one of the most essential parts of the most tempting and flavorful burger. A myriad range of bun options are available in the market across different shapes, sizes, and ingredients. The only key is to pick the perfect bun for the burger tailored to specific dietary requirements, textures, taste, and type.

Here is the exclusive guide by Casa Dolce, all about burger buns in Melbourne, including types, shelf life, ingredients, and factors that are crucial for buying wholesale buns. It will help you pick the bun that fits each topping, patty, and sauces while enhancing the taste of the fillings.


Different Types of Burger Buns that Can Add Mouthwatering Flavor 

Gluten-free Burger Buns

The gluten-free burger buns are easy to cut and come with a super soft texture. It can hold up any toppings and is just perfect for hamburgers.

Shelf Life: Vacuum-sealed buns can be stored for up to 6 months at room temperature and 5-7 days once the packaging is opened.

Ingredients: Gluten-free legume flour, including millet, rice, chickpea, almond, buckwheat, quinoa, sorghum, water, yeast, and salt.


Sesame Seed Buns for Burger

Sesame seeds on top of the burger buns make burgers even more tasty, crunchy, flavorful, and interesting. It adds a touch of subtle nutty flavor and an artisan look to burgers.

Shelf Life: It can be stored for up to 28 days in frozen condition and 2-4 days if stored in a fridge.

Ingredients:  Wheat Flour, instant yeast, salt, sugar, low-fat milk, vegetable oil, sesame seeds, and eggs.


Brioche Buns for Burger 

Brioche bun was earlier used in sweets and desserts. However, its buttery and sweet flavor brought new innovations in burgers and gained huge popularity as a burger bun.

Shelf Life: At room temperature, it can be stored for up to 5 days in an airtight container or plastic bag.

Ingredients:  Warm milk, strong white bread flour, dried yeast, salt, golden caster sugar, unsalted softened butter, vegetable oil, sesame seeds, and beaten and large eggs.


Multigrain Buns for Burger

Multigrain buns can be the healthiest option if it is made of 100% whole grains. It can be made of whole grains and refined grains too, so make sure you consume whole grain bun if you have any dietary requirements.

Shelf Life: At room temperature, it can be stored for up to 5-7 days in an airtight container or plastic bag.

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, butter, multigrain flour (oat, whole wheat, flax, etc.), yeast, baking soda, vegetable oil, sesame seeds, and salt.


Milk Buns for Burger

Soft and fluffy at the same time crusty and sturdy, milk buns are the best, when it comes to picture-perfect yet delicious burgers. It is widely adopted by cafes, pubs, and restaurants to quickly offer a delicious balance of flavors.

Shelf Life: At room temperature, it can be stored for up to 2 or 3 days and 12 months if stored in the freezer.

Ingredients: Milk, olive oil, caster sugar, plain flour, dried yeast, wheat flour, Iodised salt, and sesame seeds.


Factors to Consider While Ordering the Best Buns for Burgers    

Our experts from Casa Dolce have determined the 5 most compelling factors to consider when buying wholesale burger buns to ensure the best quality, health-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. These aspects will definitely help you choose the best burger buns Melbourne.

Shelf Life

Buns with a longer shelf life are one of the most significant signs of top-quality and fresh burger buns. To ensure the stability of the backed product, you must check for a finer texture, excellent crumb properties, and consistency in maintaining the volume under humid conditions.

Dietary Requirements

The nutritional values of buns vary depending on the ingredients, types, and other dietary properties. So, if someone is following a low-carbs diet or vegan diet and has nutritional restrictions, they should go with the gluten-free, vegan buns with healthy micronutrients and macronutrients.

Reputed Supplier

Quality functions are non-negotiable when we speak about a perfect burger bun. One should consider renowned burger bun suppliers as they comprehensively understand the gas retention capacity, viscoelastic properties, gluten quality, volume, texture, color, and taste.

Environmental Impact

Weather change is one of the most significant long-term threats to the quality and life of bakery products. So, it is highly recommended to choose burger buns that withstand the environmental changes while maintaining nutritional value. Consider the moisture resistance bun with natural preservatives and minimum additives to cope up with humid conditions.


When it comes to the taste and texture of the burger bun, freshness plays a crucial role. An extremely fresh bun can greatly enhance the bun’s texture and taste, whereas stale buns can ruin the same. If you are planning to order wholesale burger buns for your restaurant, hotel, or any establishment, go with the freshest buns to prevent early staling and deterioration.



In recent times, burgers are not all about thick sauces, flavorful toppings, and juicy patties; buns play an equally important role in making burgers tasty and interesting. In this blog post, we have discussed the top 5 types of burger buns, including gluten-free buns, sesame seeds buns, brioche buns, multigrain buns, and potato buns. Additionally, highlighted factors need to be considered when ordering buns online.

Are you thinking of buying burger buns for your business? Casa Dolce is a top-class wholesale bakery Melbourne, widely popular for supplying mouthwatering and finest quality burger buns in a large quantity. Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, school, cafe, event caterer, food truck, business, or any establishment, we guarantee the best burger buns at your doorsteps. Order now!

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